The Jefferson Society, Inc.

The Jefferson Society, Inc.

About Us

The Jefferson Society, Inc. was incorporated on July 4, 2012, as a not-for-profit entity, in the home state of President Thomas Jefferson, Virginia.  Like Jefferson, our members are trained in the law and in architecture. The original idea belongs to several architect lawyers who, in the 1990’s, considered forming a loosely organized group. We have dusted off the idea and put it into effect.

Our Goals

The Jefferson Society, Inc. aims to have a unique forum for the exchange of information, as well as networking among membership to our mutual benefit, and also for the benefit of the attorneys who practice in the area of construction law and architects who may benefit from the expected output of the membership.

Mission Statement

The Jefferson Society mission is to organize and utilize the dual professional education and experience of our members to be a resource for architects, attorneys and the public on legal aspects of the practice of architecture; to promote activities and educational programs that further that purpose; to support with intellectual capital other organizations, schools, universities, and  similar organizations who have shared interests; and to provide a resource for architects in their professional and business development.